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Virtual Mailboxes

48 Virtual Mailboxes for Rent!
Access to Mail & Postal Packages 24/7




Receive Mail, Network & Advertise Your Business Within the Delafield Rivers Gateway Marketplace.




Each virtual mailbox has a label numbered business card display holder in the Delafield Rivers Gateway marketplace directory for visitors to access. Your business will be listed on our Marketplace website for visitors to reference online through.

$84 Six-Month ($14 per month)

• Local Delafield Mail Pickup: Check your mail at the Delafield Rivers Gateway downtown location 24/7. (Only two buildings from the post office)

• Convenient Virtual Office Access: Your mailbox is directly outside rentable office, education & training, and conference space in Delafield, WI.

• Mail Forwarding: You can receive mail at alternative temporary addresses if you’re out of town for business or vacation.

• Safe & Secure: Your packages and mail are kept safe within your mailbox until you decide to pick them up.

• Multiple Postal Carriers: Sometimes post-office boxes can only receive mail from a specific carrier (i.e. USPS). With our virtual mailbox, you can operate with full assurance of being able to receive mail from both private carriers and USPS.


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