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Suite 103 Professional Education & Training Room Capacity 22

Suite 103: Professional Education and Training Room.

It is a great room to use for overhead projection for meeting content or streaming video presentation, gift opening for wedding or baby shower, or a home theatre event.

Our Professional Education and Training room furnishings feature a rust colored leather couch and 16 black leather chairs, framed artwork, gold tweed curtains, two large colonial framed-in Dry Erase boards for note taking, idea generation, teaching, training, or coaching. A separate media closet controls presentation content between the conference and training rooms and provides DVD duplication and presentation recording capabilities.

Comfortably seats 16-20 people with a maximum of 22. This room can be used for a classroom (22 max) or choose table seating (16 max). When used in conjunction with the conference room, classroom seating is 34. The education and training room provides a multi-use format for teaching. Classroom seating expands the two room capacity to 32.

A professional teaching, coaching, training & equipping environment with wireless WePresent System (for PC or Apple) screen projection for up to 4 PC’s simultaneously with 4 screen quadrants and up to 64 simultaneous PC or Apple, IPad, IPhone, or Android connections. Comes with Wireless Wi-Fi, Network Isolation Privacy, enclosed colonial remote controlled drop-down overhead projection screen, and fully stocked Keurig coffee maker & beverage refrigerator.

Why invest in an education & training or home theatre room you only use occasionally?
Conserve your overhead investment for marketing, food, or other more productive growth-oriented expenditures.

Rent our Education & Training room by the hour (2 hour minimum) or by the day!
Schedule your office days and times to fit your schedule!


Rent our Training & Education room today!
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