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Suite 101 Elegant Colonial Conference/Dining Room Table Capacity 12

Suite 101: Elegant Colonial Conference/Dining Room.

Elegant Professional colonial feel. Large picture window with an awning provides High Profile visibility to Genesee Street. Ideal for boardroom meeting, dinner & holiday party, bible studies, bridal or baby showers or other gatherings. Seats 10-12 people maximum table seating, leather bench and additional chairs expands seating capacity.

Enclosed colonial Dry Erase board and 2 paper easels with a second framed wall Dry Erase board providing plenty of space for note and idea generation. The wireless overhead projection screen (Apple or PC display) drops down in front of the Genesee Street picture window and provides privacy for your meeting and keeps your attendees focused. A cherry glass top Credenza, in the back of the room next to the coffee nook, is ideal for catering displays or for snacks, meals or meeting notebooks and handouts, as well as a fold-out coffee table for additional display.

Suite 101 conference room can be used in conjunction with our Suite 103 Education and Training room for overflow seating utilizing the conference room for food and the education & training room as overhead projection, meeting content, or home theatre presentation. Additional table seating expands the combined training room and conference room table seating to 26-28. Additional conference room seating expands the training and conference rooms classroom seating to 34.

A professional conference room environment with wireless WePresent System (for PC or Apple) screen projection for up to 4 PC’s simultaneously with 4 screen quadrants and up to 64 simultaneous PC or Apple, IPad, IPhone, or Android connections. Comes with Wireless Wi-Fi, Network Isolation Privacy, wireless copy/printer/scanner/fax/paper shredder, colonial remote controlled drop-down overhead projection screen, fully stocked Keurig coffee maker & beverage refrigerator, fine china, silverware, and microwave.

Our elegant conference or dining room commands professionalism and elegance with an In-Home colonial feel.

Why invest in conference room or dining room overhead that does not get fully utilized! Conserve on your conference and dining room resources for marketing or use your other conference and dining space more functionally.


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