Delafield Rivers Gateway Conference, Education and Training Center

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Virtual Mailboxes and Virtual Business Card Display: In the spring, we plan to add virtual mailboxes with outside tenant access and tenant business card display (within the front hallway entrance) for businesses and conference education and training space users who desire a physical virtual office mailing address and mail pickup.

Outdoor Seating along Genesee Street: In addition, we envision a brick patio and “Outdoor Seating Along Genesee Street ” in front of the conference and office space, with awnings advertising the space.

Riverside Terrace Patio: We also plan to add outdoor “Riverside Terrace Patio” and retaining wall to provide additional seating along the river for breakfast and lunch meetings, or breaks between education and conference center sessions (Once we obtain approval from the DNR and city of Delafield).  We plan to have this available in the spring of 2017.

Small Four Person Riverside Conference Room:  We will also make available the attached to the John Ellision Advisory Group’s office and the “Riverside Deck Seating” behind John Ellision Advisory  Group’s office (once we add a railing along the walkway and steps up to the deck and down along the river by my rear office).  Eventually we will have a patio and possible fire pit down along the river to provide additional unique quaint river side seating and outdoor meeting space for Rivers Gateway conference educational and training room and virtual office space users.  We plan to have a portion of this available in the spring or summer of 2017.

Office Suite Improvements:  We plan to add overhead projection and automated pulldown screen on the front office space to make this space more multi-functional for presentation capabilities.  The screen will be recessed within the colonial framed housing from the ceiling and drop in front of the Genesee street windows (similar to the conference room setup) to provide additional privacy and more confidential setting.  We are adding a separate beverage and coffee nook built into the front office closet (so beverage access will be independent from the conference and education training center).  We will be adding a wireless and hardwired networked scanner and printer within each office suite to facilitate a more functional office environment.  We also plan to add a similar presentation setup within the rear office when we replace the hanging canned lighting with recessed canned lighting and possible overhead ceiling fan with the two virtual offices.

Future Conference and Education Space Improvements:  We plan to add a copy area countertop workspace with overhead cabinets and sink and garbage disposal, binding capabilities and high speed copy and scanning capabilities within the education and training center space.  “Media Publishing Capabilities” the media closet will eventually be wired to provide video conference, classroom and conference room webinar presentation capabilities.  We have a ten disk DVD burner to rapidly burn DVD’s of presentations on sight to be inserted in bound PowerPoint presentation materials so presenters can add value and value bill to attendees of their seminars,  workshops and training sessions.

Eventually presenters will have the ability to participate in our conference education and training center website and provide online presentations to the public and private clients and public for a membership fee with a private user password and ID.  Our goal will be to provide editing and publishing support for our members clients to support their business, nonprofit or ministry and platform them with the Delafield community and on the web.

Potential Future Conference and Workshop Attendee Housing:  We may at some point provide housing or a bed and breakfast capability in the condo space above the conference and education and training space for attendees as well as possibly utilizing our log home in Ashipun or other Delafield housing for attendees.  Our decisions regarding housing will be made during 2017 or 2018 and driven by our investor financing and partner support.

Thank you again for choosing to partner with the Rivers Gateway, LLC. office suites and conferences education and training center got your business meeting.  Our staff and I consider it a privilege to honor and glorify Jesus Christ by creating God-honoring office,  conference, education, and training meeting space for the Delafield and Lake Country area and to serve you and your clients.  We will strive to earn your continued trust and confidence and to support you meeting planning needs.

Sincerely, In Christ Always

Sue and John Ellision, ChFC, CLU, CFP

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